Zombi 2

Bury them now, Missey?.
No, not yet.
There are two more
who are going to die soon.

Dad! Where are you?
Why did you leave me alone to die?
I've seen you.
With my own eyes.
Come to me.
Don't leave me.
I buried you,
but I see you walking.
I met your father
about three years ago

when he first came out
to these islands.

Whenever he could, he would stay
for a few weeks here with me...

on Matool.
Then he...
became a victim of the disease.
He insisted upon staying
in spite of everything I said to him.

I insisted that he should leave,
but he wouldn't.

He felt that he could in some way
become a guinea pig,

that he could help in discovering
what was causing the horrors

that were destroying our island,
transforming it into
a wasteland of terror.

Extremely courageous man.