Zombi 2

I met your father
about three years ago

when he first came out
to these islands.

Whenever he could, he would stay
for a few weeks here with me...

on Matool.
Then he...
became a victim of the disease.
He insisted upon staying
in spite of everything I said to him.

I insisted that he should leave,
but he wouldn't.

He felt that he could in some way
become a guinea pig,

that he could help in discovering
what was causing the horrors

that were destroying our island,
transforming it into
a wasteland of terror.

Extremely courageous man.
I remember the day
when my assistant came to tell me
that your father was dying.
Your friend. Quickly.

Get closer.
It's over for me.

I feel I'm about to die.
I've had a good life,
but I never thought
it would end this way.

I've got two things to ask
Listen carefully.

They're very important, my friend.
I have written to my dear child Anne.
The letter, see that it gets to her.
And make sure...