Dressed to Kill

is should be doing that right about now
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the new Pandemonium album, Lady Stevie

Peter, you're supposed to be ready
in half an hour.

Ready for what?
We're going to the Museum today & then
you and Mike and I are going to lunch
with Grandma.

Oh, Mom, I can't go.
I need the rest of the vacation just
to finish this thing.

We made these plans a week ago,

I know, I know but I'm way behind
my schedule, I'm sorry.

Peter, have you been up all night again
Mom, the City Science championships
are next week.

Turn that thing off.
Put that down and look at me.

We made a little deal, didn't we?
You know I'm very proud and excited
about your project

but I don't want you working all night
on it.

I know. I know. I'm sorry.
Mom, this is the most incredible thing
that I've ever built.

I mean it carries.
It carries. Carries what?
Binary numbers.
I mean it could hold up to
a 20 digit figure.

Now wait a second, you said it can carry
and it holds too?

Both. It does both.
That's the whole point.

I mean there isn't a circuit like this
in any of my books.

I've invented it.
Well, that's great. That's great Peter.
What're you gonna call it?

I don't know.
Well come on... Everybody knows that uh
when you invent or discover something
you get to name it like uh...

a Napoleon.
A what?
You know the French pastry.
It was named after Napoleon.

Napoleon invented pastry?
I thought he was a general.

Well, you can't fight battles
all the time.

He baked as a kind of relaxation.
Are you okay, Mom?
Listen, no more all nighters, okay?