Dressed to Kill

I know. I know. I'm sorry.
Mom, this is the most incredible thing
that I've ever built.

I mean it carries.
It carries. Carries what?
Binary numbers.
I mean it could hold up to
a 20 digit figure.

Now wait a second, you said it can carry
and it holds too?

Both. It does both.
That's the whole point.

I mean there isn't a circuit like this
in any of my books.

I've invented it.
Well, that's great. That's great Peter.
What're you gonna call it?

I don't know.
Well come on... Everybody knows that uh
when you invent or discover something
you get to name it like uh...

a Napoleon.
A what?
You know the French pastry.
It was named after Napoleon.

Napoleon invented pastry?
I thought he was a general.

Well, you can't fight battles
all the time.

He baked as a kind of relaxation.
Are you okay, Mom?
Listen, no more all nighters, okay?
What is this called, anyway?
Why its a Peter, of course.

That is, if I ever get if finished.
Okay, okay,
I'll let you skip it this time

but only if you promise not to
work all night.

Okay, I promise.
I promise. All right?
Grandma's going to be very disappointed
but it's all right.

I'll explain... that you're working on
your Peter.