Dressed to Kill

There's someone at the front door...

Between 11 and 12 Thursday right...
yes fine, goodbye.

Kate, good to see you.
Mary's on vacation so I have to be
my own Receptionist.

How am I doing?
I hops you're not going to keep me
waiting today.

I have to get to the Museum early today
I have to be at lunch at 12:30 with
Mike and his mother.

No waiting, go right in.
The doctor will be with you shortly.

So, what's happening?
My mother's driving me crazy as usual.
Did you talk to her?
Mmmmm... she's hinting around about
surprising me for my birthday.

Ah, she's going to come up from Florida
is she?

That's her surprise.
How do you feel about seeing her?
Well, I feel... I should want to see her
It's been 6 months
since we've been down there

but she'll just ruin my birthday
and it's my day, not hers.

Well, now, think...
What are our options?

I could make up an excuse
and tell her not to come.

No, I can't do that.
And let's not forget it's supposed
to be a surprise.

Anyway, it's not her... it's just...
I don't feel up to it,
or her or anything.