Dressed to Kill

My mother's driving me crazy as usual.
Did you talk to her?
Mmmmm... she's hinting around about
surprising me for my birthday.

Ah, she's going to come up from Florida
is she?

That's her surprise.
How do you feel about seeing her?
Well, I feel... I should want to see her
It's been 6 months
since we've been down there

but she'll just ruin my birthday
and it's my day, not hers.

Well, now, think...
What are our options?

I could make up an excuse
and tell her not to come.

No, I can't do that.
And let's not forget it's supposed
to be a surprise.

Anyway, it's not her... it's just...
I don't feel up to it,
or her or anything.

How are things going with Mike?
No, they're not fine.
What a dumb word that is.

He gave me one of his wham bang
specials this morning & I'm mad at him.

Isn't that right? Shouldn't I be mad?
Yeah. Did you tell him?

That you were mad at him?
Of course not... I moaned with pleasure
at his touch...

Isn't that what every man wants?
I don't know... is it?
Don't start that stuff with me.
Don't you think you'd feel better
if you snapped at Mike instead of me?

Think about where your anger is going.
I'm sorry.
Stop apologizing and tell Mike
he makes you mad.

Tell him he stinks in bed?