...and we were together for two whole
days, just like we were sweethearts.

It was the most wonderful time
I ever had.

Then I had to go back
to the military academy.

Every time I walk into that barracks,
I get a kind of....

A kind of a....
I'm sorry.
Kind of a depressed feeling.
It's got hard, stone walls.
You know what I mean?

I guess I've bored you enough,
telling you about myself.

Thank you.
Sorry about that. I goofed up the last
couple of lines. I guess I'm nervous.

That's okay. You did very well.
I'm sorry.
Thank you. You play very well.
Now Mrs. Tossoff's gonna play notes
for you. Sing them back to us. Like so:

-It's too low for me.
-You're a tenor? You want to start here?

Louder, please.