Flash Gordon

Green Mountain Airways 123
requesting instructions.

I hope Flash Gordon's had
a great vacation after last season.

- Any problem, fellas?
- Just turbulence. Nothing serious.

Nothing you'd want to toss
a third-down pass through either.

Would you like to autograph this
for my kid, Mr. Gordon?

- Call Boston approach.
- It may be smoother higher up.

Do us a favor and leave them alone.
They're busy driving the bus.

It's just a little turbulence.
- My name's Flash.
- I know.

I'm sorry if I seemed rude.
I'm just a little scared.

It's kind of nice.
A travel agent who's scared in planes.

I asked the MaƮtre D' who you were.
- Talk to me. Get my mind off this.
- I couldn't believe you were alone.

- You're just saying that.
- No, I mean it.

- What were you doing there, alone?
- Trying to get my head together.

- By myself, you know?
- I sure do.

It's okay.
Honestly, it's nothing.

- Famous last words.
- I take flying lessons.

Sometimes air rises above clouds
and you get a...

What's the matter?