Flash Gordon

They're just conditioning him
to our climate. Keep out of sight.

Every thousand years I test
each life system in the universe.

I visit it with mysteries,
earthquakes, unpredicted eclipses.

Strange craters in the wilderness.
If these are taken as natural, I judge
that system ignorant and harmless.

I spare it. But if the hand of Ming
is recognized in these events -

- I judge that system dangerous.
I call upon the great god Dyzan.

And for his greater glory,
and our mutual pleasure...

I destroy it utterly.
So it's my fault
Earth is being destroyed?

Precisely, Doctor.
I thought it might amuse you to
know this, before your mind is gone.

Proceed with it.
What are you doing to me?
We're just emptying your mind.
We are going to empty your memory
as we might empty your pockets...

- Doctor...
- No, don't. Please. I beg you.

My mind is all I have. I've spent
my whole life trying to fill it.