Gui da gui

Leave me some, you old git!
That was really scary!
- You scared me!
- You scared me!

- A nightmare?
- How did you know?

Why else would you
be screaming like that?

I dreamt about two ghosts
who must have been mad.

They wouldn't stop chasing me.
It was just a dream. You're always
boasting about how brave you are.

Of course! My bravery
is known far and wide.

- The spirits will haunt you.
- Why?

The poorer you are, the more
likely you are to be haunted.

You'll be the one that's haunted.
Being chased by ghosts is still
better than sleeping with you.

- This cloth...
- It looks good on me, doesn't it?

- Where did you get it from?
- I bought it myself.

You bought it?
It must have cost a fortune.

I didn't buy it with your money!
You didn't?! Whose money was it then?
- My... my money.
- Yours? You haven't got much money!

I save up a little every day,
and it gradually mounts up!

Save up a little every day?!
It's time you went to work.
The Ghost Festival is on today,
Mr Tam gave me a day off.

- Are you coming out for breakfast?
- No.

It's up to you. See you later.
Tasty buns!