How to Beat the High Co$t of Living

"Travis vs. Travis
is adjudicated.

"Signed, Judge Towers."
I'm sorry, Louise.
This court order says I have
to take the keys to the store.

I'm locking the front door
until further notice.

Hi, Mom.
Don't "Hi, Mom" me.
What are you doing here?

It's 4:30! You're supposed
to be at the dentist.

- I went already.
- Don't give me that.

I'm not having my kid
grow up with crooked teeth...

because of a little pain
when his retainer is tightened.

That's my pitching arm!
Get on your bike
and go to the dentist!

I can't!
I'll take you,
you little coward.

I'm not a coward! Here.
The dentist told me
to give you that.

He said not to come back
till you pay the bill.

Damn, I'm out of gas!
Automobile Club.
I'm sorry,
but all our agents are busy.

Please stay on the line...
and enjoy highlights
from "Oklahoma!"

Jesus Christ! Come on!