Raging Bull

For years,
they remain in my thoughts.

Once, I took off my robe,
and I forgot to wear shorts.

I recall every fall,
hook, and jab -

bad way to get rid of flab.
As you know, my life
wasn't drab, though I'd much...

Though I'd rather hear you cheer
when I delve into Shakespeare.
My kingdom for a horse.
I haven't won in months.

Though I'm no Olivier,
I'd rather...

I'm no Olivier, but it ain't
the ring, it's the play.

Give me a stage where I'll rage.
Though I can fight,
I'd rather recite.

That's entertainment.
Jake La Motta, Jimmy Reeves.
La Motta's undefeated
but behind on points.

He's taking a lot of punishment.
Tell me why.
Why come here to get beat?

Do the right thing.
You're outpointed.
You'll have to knock him out.

- Bite him, kick him, anything.
- Listen to Joey.

Get all over him.
Just knock him out.

You wanna do it?
- A knockout's where it's at.
- Final round.

Good luck.
Reeves is up
against a fighter...

who doesn't back up.
La Motta continues to bore in,
and Reeves is down!