Raging Bull

Jake La Motta, Jimmy Reeves.
La Motta's undefeated
but behind on points.

He's taking a lot of punishment.
Tell me why.
Why come here to get beat?

Do the right thing.
You're outpointed.
You'll have to knock him out.

- Bite him, kick him, anything.
- Listen to Joey.

Get all over him.
Just knock him out.

You wanna do it?
- A knockout's where it's at.
- Final round.

Good luck.
Reeves is up
against a fighter...

who doesn't back up.
La Motta continues to bore in,
and Reeves is down!

The crowd's urging Jake on.
Reeves is trying to get up.
La Motta comes at him
with a hard left,

and Reeves is down
for the second time.

La Motta is making a comeback
in the tenth round.

Reeves is up again.
La Motta's coming at him.

A left and right to the
midsection, a hook to the jaw.

A right and a left.
Reeves goes down again.

- They're pulling La Motta away.
- Two, three, four, five...

The referee is counting. Time is
running out. There's the bell.

Did La Motta do it soon enough?
Jack, come here! It's no good!
You waited too long!