Raging Bull

Joey...come here.
- He looks mad.
- Spoke to him yesterday.

You told them to come here?
Answer me!

Yeah, why not?
- I'll break his fuckin' head.
- Take it easy.

Don't ever bring them
up here again.

- Fuck!
- They look like two fags.

Call you tomorrow, Joey.
- Jake, don't hurt yourself.
- Fuck you.

How's your wife? Anybody
bothers you, let me know.

Yeah. Wave.
They're your friends.

What's wrong with you?
They came because
Tommy wants to help us.

What's the matter with you?
Will they help
by taking my money?

Is that what this is about?
I'm breakin' my ass, not them.

Never bring them
here again, you jerk.

I'm a jerk? You're a fuckin'
asshole. Don't hit me!

Here, you fucker, take this.
Maybe you can't.

Give me a Coke.
You goin' to the dance?