Saturn 3

Good morning, Adam.
l trust you slept well.

What are you doing to me?
Your programme for the day
is very simple.

Where's Alex?
First you will restore the damage
to the laboratory.

What are you trying to put
in my head?

Put in?
Put in?
l'm not trying to put anything in,
that comes later.

l'm taking it out.
Where's Alex?
What have you done to her?
Have you done the same thing
to her?

Good morning, Alex.
l hope you slept well.

Your programme for the day
is simple.

After repairing the damage
to the lab...

Where's Adam?
l'm happy to report he's
co-operating fully.

Where's he?
What's going on?

We're just coming out of eclipse.
Excuse me for one moment.

This is Survey 19. Survey 19.
Come in, Saturn 3.

Hallo, this is 19. Nineteen.
Come in, Major.

Survey 19.
Survey 19. This is the Major.
Saturn 3 here. Saturn 3.
This is the Major.

Receiving you, Survey.
We have audio reception, Major.
But no picture.