Saturn 3

Ah, there you are.
And how beautiful.

Come in, Alex. Come in.
Stop it, Hector.
Hector. l never liked
that name.

Did you know that Hector
was slain by Achilles,

and his body dragged around
the walls of Troy?

No, l never liked 'Hector'.
We can do better.

How about 'Adam'?
Stop using his voice?
Forgive me. ls this more
to your liking?

Or this perhaps?
Stop it!
Stop using us.
Well, you see my difficulty.
l am you.
l'm Adam.
l am the other one.
l am everyone.

Conversation is an art.
l do it to perfection.
There you are.
Don't be late again, Adam.
You will call me Major.
l am in command here.
You will do as l say.
Both of you.
Stay where you are!
lt's time we programmed your brain
to be a bit more productive.

Yes, that's who you really are.
l'm not the Captain.
l'm your superior.

Adam, please.
l told you to keep away!
Don't do that!
You must learn to obey.
-lt's not your fault, Hector.
-Turn around.