Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

How's the gas mine? Is it paying off for you?
Oh, not as well as l'd like. We're a small outpost
and not very self-sufficient. And l've had supply
problems of every kind. I've had labor difficulties...

What's so funny?
You. Listen to you -- you sound like a businessman,
a responsible leader.

Who'd have thought that, huh?
You know, seeing you sure brings back a few things.
Yeah, l'm responsible these days.
It's the price you pay for being successful.

Oh! Nice to see a familiar face.
- E chu ta!

How rude!
Hello? How interesting.
Who are you?
- Oh, my.

Oh, l'm terribly sorry.
I...I didn't mean to intrude.
No, no, please don't get up. No!

Luke! You must complete the training.
I can't keep the vision out of my head.
They're my friends. I've got to help them.

You must not go!
But Han and Leia will die if l don't.
You don't know that.
Even Yoda cannot see their fate.
But l can help them! I feel the Force!
But you cannot control it. This is a dangerous
time for you, when you will be tempted by
the dark side of the Force.

Yes, yes. To Obi-Wan you listen. The cave.
Remember your failure at the cave!

But l've learned so much since then. Master Yoda,
l promise to return and finish what l've begun.
You have my word.

It is you and your abilities the Emperor wants.
That is why your friends are made to suffer.