Blow Out

It looks like
she's gonna be all right.

This guy, Jack Terry, that took her
out of the car, he's over there.

He's being a real horse's ass. I don't know
how we're gonna keep the lid on this guy.

Get some men here. I want this place
sealed. I don't want this circus.

Sir, this is the guy. He was there when
it happened. He saw the whole thing.

- He's the one who saw it?
- Yes. He pulled the girl out of the car.

I wanna talk to you.
And to the girl too. Where is she?

- She's in there.
- She's asleep.

And if you wanna talk to me,
make it quick, cos I wanna go home.

- There someplace we can talk in private?
- I'll take care of it.

- Would you secure that room for us?
- I want these men checked out.

- Officer, what's goin' on here?
- Car accident. Guy got killed.

- I know, but what's the big deal?
- Did you know the guy was McRyan?

Governor McRyan?
That stiff on the stretcher
was probably our next president.

- Hell, he had my vote.
- Jesus Christ.

Let's talk in here.
- You pulled the girl out of that car?
- Yes.

Well, I would like for you to forget
about her. Forget you ever saw her.

Wait a minute.
- Who are you?
- My name is Lawrence Henry.

- I worked for Governor McRyan.
- Ah.

He was also a friend.
He was my friend.
Look, I'm very sorry about the governor,