Blow Out

Except I don't think you had an accident.
I think your tyre was shot out.

- That's crazy.
- No, it's not. Listen to this.

You're gonna hear two sounds. The first
is a gunshot, and the second is a blowout.

All right? Listen up.

- Now listen again.
- I heard a noise. Maybe it was a gunshot.

But, I'll tell you, I don't really feature
listenin' to a replay of last night.

It's kinda depressing.
- Can I ask you something?
- What?

What were you doing with McRyan?
That's a very personal question.
That's none of your business.

- I don't mean the details. I just...
- I'm gettin' a cold here.

- Forget it, Sally.
- Personal questions.

- I don't even know who you are.
- I'd like you to get to know who I am.

- How about that drink?
- Some other time, OK?

Sally, I saved your life. The least
you could do is have a drink with me.

All right. You can call me at my girlfriend
Judy Demming's. I'll be there.

- She's in the book.
- All right. You tellin' me the truth?

- Yeah.
- All right. I'm gonna call you.

Jack. They got movies of McRyan
gettin' killed. I just heard.

- Maybe it's on the news.
- What?

Movies of McRyan gettin' killed!
Incredible as it may seem,
a local photographer, Manny Karp,

was on the scene of the accident
with his camera.

Mr Karp sold his film to "News Today"
magazine this morning...