Blow Out

Because I like you, and I just met you
and you're goin' off on me.

- I don't know anything about you.
- I'll tell you anything you wanna know.

- All right. You're a sound man, right?
- Yeah.

OK. How'd you get that job?
That's a good question. I don't know.
No, I'll tell ya. It all started in school, OK?
I was the kind of kid who fixed radios,
made my own stereos,

won all the science fairs -
you know the type.

After that I went into the army,
and I refined my skills there.

Oh, yeah? Were you
in any wars or anything?

No, no. I was such a communication whiz,
they wouldn't let me leave New Jersey.

Then I went into the police for a while,
and after that I went into movies.

Wait a minute. You were a cop?
- No. I worked for the Kean Commission.
- What's that?

A group of politicians that got together
to try to stop police corruption.

- Oh.
- Then I quit that and...

Well, what'd you do?
- It's a long story. You don't wanna know.
- Oh, I do. This is very interesting.

I thought you wanted
to know about movies.

Yeah, movies are great, but this is... this is
like real life on the streets. You know?

It's exciting.
All right.
l, um... I wired their best undercover cop.
A guy by the name of Freddie Corso.

And one of Freddie's cases
was to set up a corrupt police captain

who was tryin' to shake down a Mob guy.
And my job was to rig a wire on him
so I could record the conversation.

Wait a minute.
What do you mean, "wire"?

It's a tiny mike attached to a transmitter
that I strapped around Freddie's waist.

Mackey, hand me the tape.
- OK, Freddie, give me sound. Count to 10.
- One, two, three, four, five...