Blow Out

- It's a long story. You don't wanna know.
- Oh, I do. This is very interesting.

I thought you wanted
to know about movies.

Yeah, movies are great, but this is... this is
like real life on the streets. You know?

It's exciting.
All right.
l, um... I wired their best undercover cop.
A guy by the name of Freddie Corso.

And one of Freddie's cases
was to set up a corrupt police captain

who was tryin' to shake down a Mob guy.
And my job was to rig a wire on him
so I could record the conversation.

Wait a minute.
What do you mean, "wire"?

It's a tiny mike attached to a transmitter
that I strapped around Freddie's waist.

Mackey, hand me the tape.
- OK, Freddie, give me sound. Count to 10.
- One, two, three, four, five...

It was a great wire.
He could be blocks away

and you could hear everything
within 1 0 feet of him.

- Hey, Milt! How ya doin'?
- Hello, Freddie.

- Good to see ya.
- You look good.

- You too. You look great in that get-up.
- Thanks.

So, uh... I brought
somebody here I want you to meet.

Captain Kennedy, this is Milt.
Who the fuck wants to meet him?
- Milt, take it easy.
- Hey, I don't wanna meet him.

Hey, take it easy. This man
could put the cap on everything.

All right, come on in the car.
We'll take a ride and talk.

And the first thing
that the captain says to the Mob guy. :

Look, I understand
that the man has a brother-in-law.

Now, I happened to see him
talkin' to his brother-in-law.

Now, the brother-in-law
is a known felon, Freddie,

and Milt's out on parole,
and that's a parole violation.

Now, I'm gonna have to tell the parole
officer. If I do, he's goin' back in the can.

But I think I could work somethin' out that
I don't have to tell him for... 5,000 bucks.