Blow Out

$5,000? Freddie, you little prick.
We started this thing for $1,000.

I'm gettin' this clear as a bell
on tape and I start to hear the static.

You think you can ?
You're outta your !

We can work this thing out.
- He's goin' up the river. You understand?
- Right.

What's the matter? You're sweatin',
Freddie. What's the matter?

The fuckin' whiz kid didn't figure
Freddie would get nervous and sweat.

The battery in the transmitter
shorted out and burned a hole in him.

Hey, pull over to this gas station.
I gotta take a piss.


- Shit.
- What's wrong?

The battery in the transmitter is arcing.
It's burning him. I gotta get in there.

- You can't. You'll blow his cover.
- I gotta go in there.

- You can't.
- My fuckin' battery burned a hole in him!

- You're gonna screw things up!
- Shh.

- I gotta go.
- Jack, you're nuts.

Aw, Jesus Christ.
Aw... no.