Eye of the Needle

Mother, I apologise for David.
He finds it difficult to be with people now.

- You understand?
- Of course, darling.

- My poor girl.
- No. I'm all right.

We're all all right. Aren't we, Tom?
Aye, indeed we are.
Well, goodbye, Mistress.
These are for you and your husband.

There's little enough to eat
in London at the moment.

Thank you, Tom.
Thank you, Tom.
Come on, Tom.
He's drunk.
- Is he always like that?
- Most of the time, but he's a good friend.

Any time you want to come home,
you and Jo...

My home is here, Mother,
with David and Jo.

It was you who told me not to expect
marriage to be uninterrupted pleasure.

- I'm afraid it was.
- Yes, it was.

Well, at least Jo seems well.
- I kissed him on the ear.
- Perhaps if you had another?

Why ever not? Surely David's capable?
But he can't bear to pass me
in the hallway for fear of touching me.

- Come on, Lucy.
- I do love you.

It's not necessary to tell Father about this.
- No.
- No. Come on, then.

- Bye-bye, Grandma.
- Come along, Jo.