First Monday in October

in the history of mankind.
Ruth Loomis? The mother superior
of Orange County?

What goes through a man's head
when he makes an appointment
like that?

I guess he was trying
to be evenhanded,

president of all the people.
The Senate will never go for it,
will they? Will they? Forget it.

Where's Miss Radabaugh?
Chambers of Mr. Justice Snow.
It's a reporter. Any comment
for The Washington Post?

No comment from
Mr. Justice Snow at this time.

You're better than Miss Radabaugh.
President wants a woman on the
court, why not pick Miss Radabaugh?

She'd be perfect.
She'd never show up.

Jeff, why in God's name do I get
a sinking feeling in my gut

every time I think about that
woman sitting on this court?

It's not because she's a woman.
I like women. My wife's a woman.

The bench will smell better
with a little perfume on it.

But Ruth Loomis?
How can you just let it ring?
A telephone has no constitutional
right to be answered.

Don't pay any attention to it.
It'll go away.

- I hear she plays tennis.
- Hitler played the harmonica.

Oh, she may not be so bad.
She's young.
We could use some young
blood around here.

And she isn't stupid.
Fix yourself a drink.
I just might do that.
Here she is now. Come in.