First Monday in October

- Five-two.
- Change sides.

I'll let you take the sun for a while.
Not bad for a beginner, am I?
Let me take you someplace
where I can win.

Isn't a year long enough
to be a practicing widow?

Seven months. Don't rush me.
- Am I on the list?
- You're at the top.

Judge Loomis. Telephone.
Long-distance call for Judge Loomis.

Sorry, Bill.
I'm sorry these proceedings
are taking so much time,

but we're breaking
ground here.

I trust the committee's questions aren't
embarrassing you, Judge Loomis?

I don't embarrass easily, senator.
Judge Loomis? Judge Loomis,
about your interests and equities,

would they influence your
decisions on the high court?

The financial statement in front
of you is complete, senator.

When I was appointed to the
9th Circuit, I disposed of anything

that might raise a question
of conflict of interest.

- Thank you.
- But you were still married

to a very active and successful
corporation lawyer.

Was I expected to dispose of him?
According to this FBI report,
you and your husband were partners
in the law firm of Loomis and Loomis.

Yes. Excuse me, senator.
Why do you keep bringing
up my husband?

When I was appointed to the federal
bench, he took over the practice.