First Monday in October

Is it true?
Jack Anderson's on the phone.
Either of you care
to say anything to him?

Ask him where I'm spending
my vacation next summer.

I don't know, but he probably does.
I'll just tell him neither of you
is available for comment.

How does a newspaperman like
Jack Anderson find out what happens

in the Oval Office so fast?
Simple. He's got a friend
in the Soviet Embassy.

And I'm ten minutes late.
Only one thing, Dan.
Before you consider resigning...

Who the hell is gonna resign?

You think I'd leave you here alone to
get sprayed down by the Lysol Lady

of Orange County?
If that holy junta at the White House
picked her

to replace Stanley Moorehead,
who in God's name do you suppose
they'd send up to take my seat?

Shirley Temple?
- Five-two.
- Change sides.

I'll let you take the sun for a while.
Not bad for a beginner, am I?
Let me take you someplace
where I can win.

Isn't a year long enough
to be a practicing widow?

Seven months. Don't rush me.
- Am I on the list?
- You're at the top.

Judge Loomis. Telephone.
Long-distance call for Judge Loomis.

Sorry, Bill.