First Monday in October

I hope so. Aren't a man's decisions
influenced by the fact that he's a man?

For two centuries, this court has
expressed men's opinions.

Perhaps it's time for the majority of the
population to have one voice in nine

in the rulings
of the Supreme Court.

Is the lady implying
that male justice is perverted?

[Skipped item nr. 319]
Haven't we outgrown those fears
about the periodic instability
of the female of the species?

Eggs are not the seeds of insanity.
A woman can ovulate
and think at the same time.

We're striving to be objective.
But, really, what does sex have
to do with being a judge?

Somebody with the capacity to
bear children is gifted, not crippled.

A uterus is like absolute pitch.
Some people have it, some don't.

Well, according to this fact sheet,
Judge Loomis has never
had any children.

Does the Constitution say a Supreme
Court justice has to be a mother?

Judge Loomis, we don't mean
to probe into your personal life.

Why not? My entire life is public.
The FBI is wrong in reporting to you
I have no children. I have hundreds.

We are the parents of our ideas.
And so my children,
in other words,

my opinions, my decisions
are the result of conception.

And the delivery
is sometimes painful.

You may not like my children.
You may find them ugly.

But, by God, your ideas and mine
have equal rights to live together.

To grow, to change, even to die.
If there are no further questions,
the committee will consider

an executive session of what it will
recommend to the Senate.

Thank you, Judge Loomis.