First Monday in October

Judge Loomis, we don't mean
to probe into your personal life.

Why not? My entire life is public.
The FBI is wrong in reporting to you
I have no children. I have hundreds.

We are the parents of our ideas.
And so my children,
in other words,

my opinions, my decisions
are the result of conception.

And the delivery
is sometimes painful.

You may not like my children.
You may find them ugly.

But, by God, your ideas and mine
have equal rights to live together.

To grow, to change, even to die.
If there are no further questions,
the committee will consider

an executive session of what it will
recommend to the Senate.

Thank you, Judge Loomis.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Thank you, gentlemen.

Now let's check it just once more.
Mr. Justice Carey is now on this end.

- That's correct.
- And Mr. Justice Webb?

- Webb.
- Mr. Justice Quincy?

- That's him.
- Mr. Justice Snow?

- That's right.
- The C.J. Stays in the center.

- And then Mr. Justice Halperin.
- OK.

- Mr. Justice Clewes?
- That's him.

- Mr. Justice Thompson?
- That's right.

And the new chair for
Justice Loomis on this end.

That's correct.
Does the lady need this?
We'll tell her it's a wastebasket.
- Good afternoon.
- Welcome to Washington.

- Thank you.
- Everything's ready.

- Great. Is the phone in?
- Yes. The man left an hour ago.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.