First Monday in October

and we have a responsibility
not to waste it.

I have seen enough
to make my decision.

- Me too.
- Hear, hear.

- I do apologize, Justice Loomis.
- Why?

Something is very wrong here.
You're all so polite to me.

- I'm not being too outspoken, am I?
- No.

No, we want you to speak up.
Speak right out.

Raise hell if you want to.
You may be sorry you said that.
Actually, I do have one question.
How can Mr. Justice Snow
pass judgment on something

without even seeing it? Hasn't he
disqualified himself on Maloney?

Would you like to suggest that
to Justice Snow?

I don't think that's one of my privileges.
Isn't it yours?

- Well, yes, I suppose it is.
- And Mr. Chief Justice,

I'd like to examine the rest
of the film,

just to see if there's a shred
of redeeming social or artistic value.

Projectionist, would you
continue the film, please?

Thank you.
5:30 will be fine.
Howdy, Ben.
Good afternoon, Mr. Justice.
- How are you feeling?
- Just fine, thank you. Just fine.

How's Ester?
- Better and better.
- Good.

- The usual, Mr. Justice?
- Sure.

- Dan.
- Hi, Waldo.

I want you to know I'm not gonna
support madame's motion.

- What kind of motion is she making?
- Oh, I thought you knew.

Knew what?
You better get it from the C.J.
- We'll do this later, Ben.
- Yes, sir.

Hi, Dan. Missed you at lunch.
- What's she up to?
- What's who up to?

How many "she's"
do we have on the court?

Oh, that. Well, it's just that
a question came up.