First Monday in October

5:30 will be fine.
Howdy, Ben.
Good afternoon, Mr. Justice.
- How are you feeling?
- Just fine, thank you. Just fine.

How's Ester?
- Better and better.
- Good.

- The usual, Mr. Justice?
- Sure.

- Dan.
- Hi, Waldo.

I want you to know I'm not gonna
support madame's motion.

- What kind of motion is she making?
- Oh, I thought you knew.

Knew what?
You better get it from the C.J.
- We'll do this later, Ben.
- Yes, sir.

Hi, Dan. Missed you at lunch.
- What's she up to?
- What's who up to?

How many "she's"
do we have on the court?

Oh, that. Well, it's just that
a question came up.

Or more accurately,
a suggestion was made.

- Yeah?
- Well, what it amounts to is,

Should attendance be obligatory
at these obscenity screenings?

Who wasn't there besides me?
- House was packed.
- What's her beef?

Well, the lady wonders
whether a justice who hasn't seen
any part of the film hasn't, in effect...

She wants me to disqualify myself
because I won't go down there
and sit through that pile of crap.

- Well...
- So it's crap. What if it is crap?

That's not the point.
Crap's got the right to be crap.

Drop the legal language, Dan.
Are you, as chief justice,
suggesting that I disqualify myself
from voting on Maloney?

[Skipped item nr. 557]
No, I'm merely suggesting
that it's been suggested.

Where are you going?
I've got a present
for Madame Just-ess.

Not roses.