First Monday in October

Or more accurately,
a suggestion was made.

- Yeah?
- Well, what it amounts to is,

Should attendance be obligatory
at these obscenity screenings?

Who wasn't there besides me?
- House was packed.
- What's her beef?

Well, the lady wonders
whether a justice who hasn't seen
any part of the film hasn't, in effect...

She wants me to disqualify myself
because I won't go down there
and sit through that pile of crap.

- Well...
- So it's crap. What if it is crap?

That's not the point.
Crap's got the right to be crap.

Drop the legal language, Dan.
Are you, as chief justice,
suggesting that I disqualify myself
from voting on Maloney?

[Skipped item nr. 557]
No, I'm merely suggesting
that it's been suggested.

Where are you going?
I've got a present
for Madame Just-ess.

Not roses.
And have a look
at U.S. V. Albertson, 1954.

It's in Volume 348, U.S.
Maybe 349.

- Is she in?
- Oh, yes, sir, Mr. Justice Snow.

Just hold on a second.
- Yes?
- Madame Justice,

Mr. Justice Snow
would like to see you.

He would? When?
He's here.
Just check those references.
I'll get back to you. Thank you.

Tell Mr. Justice Snow I'll be happy
to see him in a minute.

She'll be happy to see you
in a moment.

Thank you.