First Monday in October

Oh, thank you.
Now, I was wondering if, by any
chance, you'd seen a film called...

The Naked Nymphomaniac?
That's the one.
Now, you probably didn't even notice
I wasn't there.

- I noticed.
- Oh, you did?

I wonder if you found anything
unpleasant in the picture.

First of all, I see no reason
to overturn the lower court.

Anyone who'd seen that film
would realize that
The Naked Nymphomaniac

is a total offense
against the public sensibility.

It's sickening, degrading, disgusting...
My, my, my, my, my, my.
As bad as all that?
I wonder if you can put your finger
on exactly what it was
that offended you?

Was it the title?
Some particular word
in the title? "Naked", is that it?

What if they called it
The Fully Clothed Nymphomaniac?

Or maybe it was the other word
that bothered you?

Supposing they called it
The Naked Methodist?

Or The Naked Daughter
of the American Revolution?

Are you finished?
Madame Just-ess, I am a long way
from being finished,

but I'll pause briefly, in case
there's something you'd like to say.

Thank you.
Let me ask you something.
Would you call a female governor
a governess?

Is a woman composer
a composeress? No.

And her sex
is entirely beside the point.

And a justice of the Supreme Court
is a justice, not Madame Just-ess.

Now, Mr. Justice, I submit that we
are failing in our duty on this court