First Monday in October

What if they called it
The Fully Clothed Nymphomaniac?

Or maybe it was the other word
that bothered you?

Supposing they called it
The Naked Methodist?

Or The Naked Daughter
of the American Revolution?

Are you finished?
Madame Just-ess, I am a long way
from being finished,

but I'll pause briefly, in case
there's something you'd like to say.

Thank you.
Let me ask you something.
Would you call a female governor
a governess?

Is a woman composer
a composeress? No.

And her sex
is entirely beside the point.

And a justice of the Supreme Court
is a justice, not Madame Just-ess.

Now, Mr. Justice, I submit that we
are failing in our duty on this court

if we don't try to stop the avalanche
of prurient slop...

- Madame, if you'll...
- I'm not finished!

Which is about to bury us.
Are we doing our job
if we permit anything?

What are we permitting?
Violence in the streets,
kids on drugs, filth, pornography...

Who slaps the labels on? You? Me?
- Somebody better.
- No, thank you.

I think it's unconstitutional
to set myself up as a censor.

Refusing to look at something
is censorship.

I don't look at television.
That doesn't make it illegal.

That's not the point.
Seeing that film is material
to making a judgment.

If you'd spent ten minutes
in that screening room, five minutes,

you would see how obscene,
how outrageous...

Censorship is an outrage!
What about a training film
for terrorists?

A free lecture, How to Make
a Nuclear Bomb in Your Basement.

Do you condone inciting
to violence?

- No, ma'am.
- What about inciting to decadence?

- Define "decay".
- That's what we're here for.