First Monday in October

- Not me.
- We'd better try.

The people of this country have only
one absolute protection against chaos:

The law.
You and I were appointed
to this court for only one reason:

To uphold and sustain that law.
Watch out, you can't turn the law
into a straitjacket.

The law's gotta be a suit of clothes
a man can wear.

It's gotta fit easy.
Be comfortable.

Law shouldn't strap a man in
at the throat or the brain or the crotch.

That's vivid.
You're making Maloney
more important than the law.

- He is more important.
- This court doesn't try men.

We put their trials on trial.
That's it. We're constantly examining
the witness who isn't there.

All we ever get to see are lawyers,
cold records, cold briefs.

Where's the human being? Where's
the pain? We've gotta touch flesh.

I'll tell you where the pain is.
It's in the people who get hurt.

The innocent kid
who sits in a dark theater

while Maloney's filth pours over him.
That's where the pain is.

You're on the right track.
You're beginning to look at people.
When you let a little more humanity
into your thinking,

you might make
a damn good justice.

But I won't bet on it.
You're just being sweet to me
because I'm a woman.

Do I have any appointments
this afternoon?

- 3:15, Miller of security...
- Cancel it!

- Mrs. Snow just called.
- Call her back.

Tell her I can't talk to her.
And blow your nose, please.

I don't wanna talk to anybody.
I gotta work, concentrate.

Yes, sir.
He says he doesn't want...
I wouldn't dream
of disturbing Justice Snow.

I'm looking for Herbert G. Maloney,
film producer.