First Monday in October

When you let a little more humanity
into your thinking,

you might make
a damn good justice.

But I won't bet on it.
You're just being sweet to me
because I'm a woman.

Do I have any appointments
this afternoon?

- 3:15, Miller of security...
- Cancel it!

- Mrs. Snow just called.
- Call her back.

Tell her I can't talk to her.
And blow your nose, please.

I don't wanna talk to anybody.
I gotta work, concentrate.

Yes, sir.
He says he doesn't want...
I wouldn't dream
of disturbing Justice Snow.

I'm looking for Herbert G. Maloney,
film producer.

- There you are, Mr. Maloney.
- What?

A respected colleague of mine,
Mr. Justice Snow,

feels that this court is doing you
a great injustice

by not meeting you face to face.
We ought to hear your voice,
bask in your personality.

What was the expression he used?
Oh, yes. We should "touch flesh".

Mason, call the guard.
Don't go, Mason. This might be
quite educational for all of us.

Would you care to take
the witness stand, Mr. Maloney?

- You gonna swear me in?
- You gonna lie to me?

Maybe you better swear me in.
I, Herbert G. Maloney,
do solemnly swear

the testimony I'm about to give
will be the truth, the whole truth

and nothing but the truth,
so help me, Loomis.

Let's get right to the point,
Mr. Maloney.

Are you aware that you broke a law?
No, ma'am.
You didn't realize that Nebraska
has statutes prohibiting pornography?