First Monday in October

my security against the profiteering,
two-legged cockroaches of this world,

my right to live in a sweet and decent
society, and not some kind of sewer.

Even in New York,
you have to clean up
after your dog shits on the sidewalk.

It's a perversion of the Constitution
to shove our faces into excrement

masquerading as art.
Oh, I'm glad I met you, Mr. Maloney.
I feel I have a much better
understanding of you

and Justice Snow.
He may want the absolute freedom
to go straight to hell. That's his right,

but he has no right to force the rest
of the country to take the trip with him.

You may step down.
Yeah, you make
a pretty good trial lawyer.

- Too bad you had to give it up.
- You make a very good actor.

I may always feel there's
a pornographic producer

under your robes.
It makes me sick to my stomach
to have to defend a principle
as noble as the First Amendment

on the basis of that can of film
you found so offensive.

But, by God, as long as I have tongue
and tonsils and the ability to talk,

I'll defend everybody's right to speak
and every man's right to be wrong.

I yield to you as the authority on that,
Mr. Justice.

She's dangerous.
That woman is positively dangerous.
The men on this court
have got to stick together.

After all, there are only eight of us left
against all of her.

- Should we smile a little?
- Good God, no.

Who'd trust a happy justice?
Should the lady be standing
while the five of us are sitting?

This is where the newest member
of the court is supposed to be.

Ready, everybody? Please
don't look directly into the camera.

And I think if you seem
to be looking out into space...

- Into the future?
- I can't see that far.

- I didn't bring my glasses.
- You'll need more than glasses.

My wife always hates these pictures.
She says we look stuffed.

Why don't we take a snapshot
of our convictions.

It'd have to be a moving picture,
if convictions mean anything.