First Monday in October

But, by God, as long as I have tongue
and tonsils and the ability to talk,

I'll defend everybody's right to speak
and every man's right to be wrong.

I yield to you as the authority on that,
Mr. Justice.

She's dangerous.
That woman is positively dangerous.
The men on this court
have got to stick together.

After all, there are only eight of us left
against all of her.

- Should we smile a little?
- Good God, no.

Who'd trust a happy justice?
Should the lady be standing
while the five of us are sitting?

This is where the newest member
of the court is supposed to be.

Ready, everybody? Please
don't look directly into the camera.

And I think if you seem
to be looking out into space...

- Into the future?
- I can't see that far.

- I didn't bring my glasses.
- You'll need more than glasses.

My wife always hates these pictures.
She says we look stuffed.

Why don't we take a snapshot
of our convictions.

It'd have to be a moving picture,
if convictions mean anything.

- My convictions don't move.
- Neither did the dinosaurs.

Here we go.
Oh, no, no. Come on.
Tear that one up.

Yes, Mr. Chief Justice.
Would somebody suggest
to our great dissenter

that he curb his celebrated
sense of humor?

He'll need all his wits to keep on
writing minority opinions.

A man's gotta decide whether to be
on the right side or the winning side.

Once in a while, they're the same.
This court won't reverse
the 7th Circuit on Omnitech.

We sure won't
if we don't even hear it!

Now, come on.
Hold that for the conference room.

You can wreck the whole business
establishment, Mr. Justice Snow,

with your damned socialist ideas...
I'm about as much of a socialist
as Donald Duck,

and you know it,
you brainwashed Brahman!

Now, come on, come on, come on.
Harold, come on. Sit down there.

Come on, now.
Dan, behave yourself.

Here we go.
- Destroy that negative.
- Yes, sir.

Now, Harold, try to remember
what you did with your face last year.