First Monday in October

- My convictions don't move.
- Neither did the dinosaurs.

Here we go.
Oh, no, no. Come on.
Tear that one up.

Yes, Mr. Chief Justice.
Would somebody suggest
to our great dissenter

that he curb his celebrated
sense of humor?

He'll need all his wits to keep on
writing minority opinions.

A man's gotta decide whether to be
on the right side or the winning side.

Once in a while, they're the same.
This court won't reverse
the 7th Circuit on Omnitech.

We sure won't
if we don't even hear it!

Now, come on.
Hold that for the conference room.

You can wreck the whole business
establishment, Mr. Justice Snow,

with your damned socialist ideas...
I'm about as much of a socialist
as Donald Duck,

and you know it,
you brainwashed Brahman!

Now, come on, come on, come on.
Harold, come on. Sit down there.

Come on, now.
Dan, behave yourself.

Here we go.
- Destroy that negative.
- Yes, sir.

Now, Harold, try to remember
what you did with your face last year.

- You looked pretty good.
- I did?

Just look trustworthy.
Somebody in Washington
had better look that way.

Is Justice Snow implying that nobody
in this city or this country is honest

except him?
[Skipped item nr. 833]
- To hell with the picture.
- Where are you going?

- We've got to finish this.
- Paste me in from last year.

All right, Richard.
We'll try again tomorrow.

Yes, sir.
- It's been a pleasure.
- Good afternoon, sir.