First Monday in October

Where are you going?
Not to Europe again.

Much farther than that.
Yes, you can take those too.
I'll bring this myself.

I thought I'd be gone
before you came home.

Usually, that's not very difficult.
I left a note for you
on the dining room table.

I don't want to read any notes.
Then talk it over
with my lawyers.

They thought that would avoid
any unnecessary unpleasantness.

What's so pleasant
about talking to lawyers?

Maybe the court can stand
your bad temper, but I can't!

What do you mean, "bad temper"?
Goddamn it!

I'm the sweetest-tempered son of
a bitch in the District of Columbia!

- Sit down!
- Why should I sit down?

- What the hell are you doing?
- Describe the wallpaper.

- What wallpaper?
- In this room.

- The wallpaper?
- What color is it?

- What design?
- Who memorizes wallpaper?

You can't memorize
what you don't ever see.

Goodbye, Dan.
Pink roses and butterflies,
for chrissake.

How does the great dissenter feel
about our playing tennis together?

I'm not sure. I haven't told him yet.
I must say, Dan Snow has done
a lot for my game.

Every time I get a high one
I can really kill,

that's not you on the other side
of the net.

That's why they go by me so fast.
Go change. I'll give you a lift
to Mount Olympus.

How do you stand his moods,