First Monday in October

- What design?
- Who memorizes wallpaper?

You can't memorize
what you don't ever see.

Goodbye, Dan.
Pink roses and butterflies,
for chrissake.

How does the great dissenter feel
about our playing tennis together?

I'm not sure. I haven't told him yet.
I must say, Dan Snow has done
a lot for my game.

Every time I get a high one
I can really kill,

that's not you on the other side
of the net.

That's why they go by me so fast.
Go change. I'll give you a lift
to Mount Olympus.

How do you stand his moods,

Every time I see him,
he's ready to explode.

Does he ever just relax?
Yeah, he does have strong feelings.
Same as you do.
I hope you're not implying
that we're alike.

No, no, no. I just mean
that you have similar differences.

You both care about things.
Nothing's unimportant,

whether you're making a point
on the bench or on the tennis court.

Does Justice Snow
ever talk about me?

Oh, all the time.
Anything quotable?
I withdraw the question.
Hearsay evidence. Inadmissible.

You're not a double agent,
are you, Mason?