First Monday in October

Every time I see him,
he's ready to explode.

Does he ever just relax?
Yeah, he does have strong feelings.
Same as you do.
I hope you're not implying
that we're alike.

No, no, no. I just mean
that you have similar differences.

You both care about things.
Nothing's unimportant,

whether you're making a point
on the bench or on the tennis court.

Does Justice Snow
ever talk about me?

Oh, all the time.
Anything quotable?
I withdraw the question.
Hearsay evidence. Inadmissible.

You're not a double agent,
are you, Mason?

No, sir. We just get in a set
of tennis about once a week.

Before breakfast.
She plays very well for a justice
of the Supreme Court.

- She's got a hell of a backhand, sir.
- Yeah, I know. I've seen it work.

Well, when we found out
we were both tennis players...

- Well, I hope you don't mind, sir.
- Hell, no!

Go ahead. Wear her out.
Yes, sir.
Why are you trying to persuade me?
You know I won't vote to hear it.
All right, all right, all right, all right!
We'll table this one.

- Why not table everything?
- Oh, no. Abbott v. Omnitech.

Oh, come on.
I think putting Omnitech on
the calendar is an exercise in futility.

- Right.
- Oh, is it?

Perhaps if we stop recruiting judges
from the jungles of Orange County,

maybe we can get a 4-5 court
turned into a 5-4 court.

I'm so sick and tired of being on
the short end of the vote all the time.