First Monday in October

No, sir. We just get in a set
of tennis about once a week.

Before breakfast.
She plays very well for a justice
of the Supreme Court.

- She's got a hell of a backhand, sir.
- Yeah, I know. I've seen it work.

Well, when we found out
we were both tennis players...

- Well, I hope you don't mind, sir.
- Hell, no!

Go ahead. Wear her out.
Yes, sir.
Why are you trying to persuade me?
You know I won't vote to hear it.
All right, all right, all right, all right!
We'll table this one.

- Why not table everything?
- Oh, no. Abbott v. Omnitech.

Oh, come on.
I think putting Omnitech on
the calendar is an exercise in futility.

- Right.
- Oh, is it?

Perhaps if we stop recruiting judges
from the jungles of Orange County,

maybe we can get a 4-5 court
turned into a 5-4 court.

I'm so sick and tired of being on
the short end of the vote all the time.

- We're saving you from that.
- I don't wanna be saved!

I want to keep right on going
straight to hell.

What's Omnitech done?
That's what these little stockholders
are trying to find out.

But, Dan, the momentum engine
doesn't work.

That's what Omnitech says. What
about experts who say otherwise?

But we'll never know, will we?
Because Donald Richards,
chairman of Omnitech,

has bought up all the patents
and buried them.

This action is against Omnitech,
not Donald Richards.

Donald Richards is Omnitech,
for chrissake!

And where the hell is he?
And why has he disappeared?

I don't see any new constitutional
grounds for us to review Omnitech.

If we don't hear it, who in the hell will?
This is the last goddamned stop, lady!

Why does Brother Snow insist on
wasting the court's valuable time?

Because I smell
plenty of unrefrigerated fish here.

Muckraking. That's all it is, Dan.