For Your Eyes Only

Only if she works harder. Much harder.
- Uncle Ari, can't I stop now? I'm pooped!
- That's for Miss Brink to decide.

Come, Bibi. Another half-hour.
- Will you take me to the biathlon?
- You know I have to work this afternoon.

Bibi wants to know if you
would escort her, Mr Bond?

- I don't...
- I would feel better if you would.

I'd be delighted.
I'm staying at the Miramonte.

Now, how can I help you?
- Do you know this man?
- Yes. Locque. Columbo's right hand.

Milos Columbo. Involved in
a smuggling operation Iast year.

That's the Ieast of his offences.
Drugs, white slavery, contract murder.

In the Greek underworld, he is
known as "The Dove". A very sick joke.

- Where is this "Dove"?
- Somewhere in Greece.

Once we were Iike brothers.
Now he hates me.

We fought together in the Greek
Resistance and against the Communists.

After that, he took a different path.
Well, thank you
for your time, Mr Kristatos.

My pleasure. I Ieave for Corfu soon.
If I hear any more, I will call Ferrara.

So, Luigi, does this Columbo have the
resources to mount a salvage operation?

Definitely. He runs a fleet
of freighters in the Aegean.

I'll ring my office in Milano.
They may have more on him.

Luigi, I'll see you Iater.