For Your Eyes Only

Once we were Iike brothers.
Now he hates me.

We fought together in the Greek
Resistance and against the Communists.

After that, he took a different path.
Well, thank you
for your time, Mr Kristatos.

My pleasure. I Ieave for Corfu soon.
If I hear any more, I will call Ferrara.

So, Luigi, does this Columbo have the
resources to mount a salvage operation?

Definitely. He runs a fleet
of freighters in the Aegean.

I'll ring my office in Milano.
They may have more on him.

Luigi, I'll see you Iater.
Is this the one, signora?
Thank you. I'll take it.
Deliver it to the Hotel Cristallo, please.

Beg your pardon.
Buon giorno. May I help you?
Yes, give me a dozen lilies.
I'll pick them up later.
Come on, quickly!