For Your Eyes Only

Send them to the funeral, will you?
Slow down! What the devil
are you doing in Cortina?

- Your telegram.
- What telegram?

It said you found the man
and to meet you here today.

I didn't send a telegram. Now, get in.
The station, please.
- Are we Ieaving?
- Not "we", you. And now.

You don't tell me what to do.
Did you find the man
who hired Gonzales?

I'm working on it.
He's here, isn't he?
That's why you're here.

Driver, stop! Go back!
- I'm staying!
- To put an arrow in his back?

Then we'll never find out
who or what is behind this.

It was my parents they killed.
Let me out!

Driver, stop!
Melina, look at me. You were lucky once,
but they are onto you now.

The telegram,
the motorcycles back there.

Please Iet me handle this.
You? How are you involved?
All I can say is it's of vital interest
to both our countries.

More important than my parents?
Your father was part of it.
He was prepared to risk his life.

Melina, please trust me.
Go back to the Triana and wait.

I'll find out what I can here,
then I'll come to Corfu.

OK. I'll go back and wait.
But not for Iong.

It won't be, I swear.