Halloween II

Mrs. Elrod?!
Mr. Elrod?
Are you ok?
There was someone screaming next door.
Yeah, Mr. a Mrs. Elrod.
His wife's always picking on him.
He probably got angry and decided to start beating her.
Ok, deal.
Are your folks home?
They are gone.
My dad had to take my Aunt Ruby to Harden County
and my mother's decided to go along.

Didn't you hear?
Hear about what?
Some girl got killed in Haddonfield.
It's on the radio.
Hold on.
... and the police have curtain off the entire area
{y:}to repeat ...
Three teenagers have been found murdered
in the house in the Northwest section of Haddonfield.

The names of the teenagers have not been released ...
- I can't believe it.

I know.
You know we probably knew her.
- Where did it happen?

Down on Orange Grove.
That's right down the street.
- I know.

Police confirmed the girl was rescued that she ...
- Sally, I can hear the sirens coming.

They said the guy got away.
Do they know who it was?
- No.

Oh, god.
Alice ...
Talk ...
Haddonfield police is ...
- Alice?!

... all point bulets within description ...
- Who is it?

Alice? ... it's been set up on all ...
- Where are you?
... the main streets in town.

Who is it?
Chief to the Haddonfield police department says.
He believe that suspect will be apprehended ...

within a matter of hours.
Neighboor say they heard scream during the early evening,
but activity a noise it's for usual haloween.