Halloween II

The names of the teenagers have not been released ...
- I can't believe it.

I know.
You know we probably knew her.
- Where did it happen?

Down on Orange Grove.
That's right down the street.
- I know.

Police confirmed the girl was rescued that she ...
- Sally, I can hear the sirens coming.

They said the guy got away.
Do they know who it was?
- No.

Oh, god.
Alice ...
Talk ...
Haddonfield police is ...
- Alice?!

... all point bulets within description ...
- Who is it?

Alice? ... it's been set up on all ...
- Where are you?
... the main streets in town.

Who is it?
Chief to the Haddonfield police department says.
He believe that suspect will be apprehended ...

within a matter of hours.
Neighboor say they heard scream during the early evening,
but activity a noise it's for usual haloween.

I came out on the lawn.
I asked him what was going on.

He said ...
- Inside you guys.

He said he'd shot somebody.
All right folks. Give'em a room, please?