Halloween II

You were late again tonight.
Just fifteen minutes.
That could be the difference
between life and death for one of those kids.

You're right. I'm sorry Mrs. Alves.
- I don't wanna hear any excuses.

You're a good nurse Karen.
I'd hate to loose you.
But you've got to learn to be on time.
Now. Let's get over this list.
I'll be fine, really. I'm sorry. I promise.
- Ok..

Carr ...
Mrs. Carr, 9:30 tommorow morning.
God, they should have ...
They should have handled him more carefully.
Michael Myers.
Michael Myers?
Yea, he ...
He was that guy, that was after you.
You mean the Myers house?
That little kid who killed his sister?
- Yea.

But he's in a hospital somewhere.
He escaped last night.
How do you know?
It's all over the radio.
Television too. It's on right now.
Why me?
I mean, why me?
Times up Jimmy.
Let's go.
OK. ok.
No you won't!
Visiting hours are definitely over.