Halloween II

Michael Myers.
Michael Myers?
Yea, he ...
He was that guy, that was after you.
You mean the Myers house?
That little kid who killed his sister?
- Yea.

But he's in a hospital somewhere.
He escaped last night.
How do you know?
It's all over the radio.
Television too. It's on right now.
Why me?
I mean, why me?
Times up Jimmy.
Let's go.
OK. ok.
No you won't!
Visiting hours are definitely over.
Men ... you can't live with'em,
you can't live without'em.

How's that shoulder feel?
A little better.
We've been trying to get ahold of your parents.
Dr. Mixter told me, they were at the same party he was,
but they're not there now and they're not at home.

Do you have any idea of where else they might be?
I'll just keep trying.
Oh, this is just ...
Yes Mrs. Alves.
Go tell Mr. Garrett, we're having trouble with the phones.
Right now.
He's at the other end of the hall.
- Janet.

Yes, Mrs. Alves.
What's wrong with the phones?