Halloween II

No fillings.
He's young. Maybe seventeen, maybe eighteen.
Michael Myers is 21.
Positive ID means we check x-rays and dental records.
That'll take hours!
No other way to know for sure. I'm sorry.
- We haven't got hours.

Listen to me. We've got to assume,
that Michael Myers is still alive.

Everybody goes back out.
But we just closed it up.
I want to sweep from Chestnut South to the bypass.
I want every street ...
every house ...
every backyard.
You've got it.
Thank you.
All right, that's enough. That's enough!
Now come on, get out of here. You guys, go home.
Michael Myers not here.

This is Hunt in another vehicle.
The old Myers house 45 Lampkin Ln. - The tribe.

One of their number was butchered, this is a wake.
Heightens my sense of security.
All right. Knock it off!
Come on folks, go home.
Knock it off!!!
Plus we've covered the whole east end of town.
There's nothing.

Check it again.
He just isn't here.
CHECK IT again!
You know.
Haddonfield was a pretty quiet town before tonight.